Sophie la girafe©

Sophie la girafe©

Sophie la girafe© was first created in France in 1961 and was an immediate success.
Over 50 years later, Sophie la girafe has grown to be the world’s best selling teether!
The reason is simple: babies love Sophie la girafe. She is fun, lovable, stimulating, safe and made using 100% natural rubber. She has become so popular that 99% of French babies have a Sophie! Worldwide, over 50 million Sophies have been sold and she has become a favourite toy amongst celebrities.

The Sophie la girafe range now offers over 250 beautiful products, all featuring the famous little giraffe.

  • Sophie is made in France using 100% natural rubber and food quality paint,
  • She is BPA- and phthalates free and is the safest toy for your child,
  • Sophie is sweet, funny and stimulates all five of a baby’s senses.

Slender, flexible and soft, your baby can squeeze and chew her in complete safety. Lovable and amusing, she makes a happy sound when squeezed which stimulates hearing and helps your baby to understand the link between cause and effect.
She is perfect for soothing sore gums when teething. Sophie is made of natural rubber from the Hevea tree and her distinctive smell makes her very special and easy for your child to identify amongst all his other toys.

Your child will love Sophie!

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  • Bath toy
    Here comes Sophie la girafe again, this time as a floating, squirting toy for a baby to play with in the bath. She squirts water when squeezed and comes in a pretty gift box. ..
    Ex Tax: R199.13
  • Cooling teething ring
    Great relief for a baby's sore gums. This cooling teething ring is liquid filled for chilling in the refrigerator. A baby obtains quick relief by chewing the cool part, which helps to soothe and counter teething pains. It has a multi-textured surface to further calm a baby's inflamed gums. Easy t..
    Ex Tax: R216.52
  • Milestone Sophie la girafe baby photo cards
    A set of 24 cards featuring Sophie la girafe to capture and remember all the big events of baby's first year. Our world famous Sophie la girafe is the star of this newest edition of the #1 gift for expecting parents, the Baby Photo Cards. The keepsake box contains 24 photo cards to capture you..
    Ex Tax: R233.91
  • Multi-textured rattle
    The Sophie la girafe multi-textured rattle: A fun rattle with bright colors to draw attention. Supple and hard textured material to be chewed for soothing painful gums. 4 geometrical shapes to handle. Shake to hear and see the coloured marbles knock together. Easy to grap hold of and to handle..
    Ex Tax: R233.91
  • Rattle with handle
    A Sophie la girafe rattle with handle. Thanks to its handle, this rattle is easy to grip. The revolving ball with Sophie la girafe has twirling balls inside which make it such fun for baby to play with. Comes in a pretty gift box. Assorted colours: green, purple, blue or red. ..
    Ex Tax: R173.04
  • SO 'PURE Sophie la girafe ring
    Ideal for soothing a baby's aching gums. This teething ring is made from 100% natural rubber from rubber trees and helps a baby to go through teething painlessly. Baby can chew on the ears and horns of this natural product to obtain relief during teething. The Sophie la girafe ring teether featur..
    Ex Tax: R286.09
  • SO 'PURE Sophie la girafe set
    The set includes Sophie la girafe and a chewing rubber in an attractive gift box. 100% safe, natural rubber. - Sophie la girafe, baby's first toy which stimulates all five senses - Chewing Rubber with several parts to chew on and a range of textures (raised spots and ribbing) to massage and reli..
    Ex Tax: R460.00
  • SO' PURE - Natural cubes and balls set
    The first prehension cubes and balls, ideal for stimulating your baby's grip! These cubes and balls, designed in 100% natural rubber, will enable your baby to naturally perfect his or her fine motor skills and thus bite into them safely! Light and easy to grasp, your baby will enjoy manipulati..
    Ex Tax: R242.61
  • SO' PURE - Teething ring
    The first teething ring made of 100% natural rubber. Ideal for soothing painful gums. The two rings have different textured surfaces for a baby to choose from according to his age and needs, to give even faster relief for aching gums. Comes in an attractive gift box with a bow. ..
    Ex Tax: R233.91
  • Soft toy & latex toy set
    This Sophie la girafe set is both playful and comforting, to combine softness with fun! It contains: - Sophie la girafe, a baby's first sensory development toy which stimulates each of baby's senses. Made of 100% natural rubber. - Sophie la girafe plush toy made of very soft velvet fabric, wi..
    Ex Tax: R564.35
  • Sophie Chérie Comforter
    This is the perfect companion throughout the day, for cuddling and bed time. Light and easy to grasp, made of two very soft textiles which provide variations in the touch feeling. It is a comforter and a plush toy as well. Luxury gift box with a satin ribbon handle. ..
    Ex Tax: R564.35
  • Sophie la girafe
    The one and only Sophie la girafe! Sophie la girafe© was first created in France in 1961 and was an immediate success. Over 50 years later, Sophie la girafe has grown to be the world’s best selling teether, trusted by mothers & celebrities worldwide! The reason is simple: babies love Sophie ..
    Ex Tax: R320.87
  • Sophie la girafe Musical Phone
    Several activities to discover: - Hinged clamshell to open and close at will to make Josephine the mouse, Gabin the bear and Sophie la girafe appear one after the other on the screen! - Colours that change with the rhythm of the music. - Five lively ..
    Ex Tax: R242.61
  • Sophie la girafe So' Pure Colo'rings
    Ideal for entertaining your baby! Made of 100% natural rubber, this teether has fun colours. It features several soft parts and various textures to nibble and soothe sore gums.  As with the rest of the So' Pure range, this product comes in an attractive gift box with a pretty bow...
    Ex Tax: R286.09
  • Sophie la girafe Soft Ball
    A fun ball to handle, to throw, to roll and bounce. Soft and easy to hold, with rattle feature to entertain your baby and develop his fine motor skills. It features a small Sophie la girafe and some beads swirling inside. ..
    Ex Tax: R242.61