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  • SO 'PURE Sophie la girafe ring
    Ideal for soothing a baby's aching gums. This teething ring is made from 100% natural rubber from rubber trees and helps a baby to go through teething painlessly. Baby can chew on the ears and horns of this natural product to obtain relief during teething. The Sophie la girafe ring teether featur..
    Ex Tax: R286.09 R329.00
  • SO 'PURE Sophie la girafe set
    The set includes Sophie la girafe and a chewing rubber in an attractive gift box. 100% safe, natural rubber. - Sophie la girafe, baby's first toy which stimulates all five senses - Chewing Rubber with several parts to chew on and a range of textures (raised spots and ribbing) to massage and reli..
    Ex Tax: R460.00 R529.00
  • Soft toy & latex toy set
    This Sophie la girafe set is both playful and comforting, to combine softness with fun! It contains: - Sophie la girafe, a baby's first sensory development toy which stimulates each of baby's senses. Made of 100% natural rubber. - Sophie la girafe plush toy made of very soft velvet fabric, wi..
    Ex Tax: R564.35 R649.00
  • Sophie la girafe So' Pure Colo'rings
    Ideal for entertaining your baby! Made of 100% natural rubber, this teether has fun colours. It features several soft parts and various textures to nibble and soothe sore gums.  As with the rest of the So' Pure range, this product comes in an attractive gift box with a pretty bow...
    Ex Tax: R286.09 R329.00
  • Activity spiral
    This beatiful activity spiral can be attached anywhere. It can be pulled and stretched, wrapped around a pushchair bar or attached to the side of a cot. Two Velcro® fastenings to attach it anywhere. Made entirely in textile for extra safety and softness. It has bright colours and varied designs..
    Ex Tax: R564.35 R649.00
  • Comforter with holder
    Gentle colours and a very soft feel to reassure and comfort baby. This practical comforter comes complete with a Velcro® fastener to hold baby's soother and a pocket for perfect hygiene. It is light and easy to grip by Sophie la girafe's head and legs as well as the five knots, one in each corner...
    Ex Tax: R346.96 R399.00
  • Set of 2 large swaddles
    Sophie la girafe swaddling cloths are an essential everyday accessory that can also be used a security blankets, bibs, protection for baby in the pushchair, cover, changing mat and more! Thanks to their ample size and super soft, breathable material, it is easy to swaddle baby whilst preventing o..
    Ex Tax: R781.74 R899.00
  • Set of 4 swaddles
    Sophie la girafe swaddles are an essential accessory that can also be used as a security blanket, a bib or protection for a baby in a pushchair. Soft enough for baby's skin, they are well made and stand up to daily use. Long-lasting - the more they are washed, the softer they become! Wash prior to..
    Ex Tax: R564.35 R649.00
  • Sophie la girafe So' Pure Bath toy
    Ideal for entertaining your baby in the bath!  Just like the original Sophie la girafe, this healthy toy is made from 100% natural rubber, derived from rubber tree sap, and decorated with food grade paints.  Your baby will enjoy nibbling the various parts (ears, horns, etc.) of this ..
    Ex Tax: R216.52 R249.00
  • Lovely Sophie (Girls)
    A very soft and cuddly toy comforter. Ideal to develop the sense of touch and attend baby’s every moment. Light and easy to grasp, Lovely Sophie is the ideal friend to travel with all day. With a conscientious design, this cuddly toy is available in pink or blue and is perfect to decorate a baby’..
    Ex Tax: R155.65 R179.00 R249.00